Mistake #1 – Quick Fix

Everyone is always looking for that magic pill or another form of a quick fix. But like with anything else, there is no such thing as losing weight overnight. Even if you are able to trick your body into losing weight quickly, most likely you are just setting yourself for failure because you can only trick your body in the short term, and then it will always rebel back, but often with a few extra pounds. This is why so many diets and weight loss programs fail in the first place.

Mistake #2 – Low Protein Diet

A diet low in protein will slow your weight loss. Eating a diet high in protein helps you burn more calories. Protein has a thermic effect in the body which means the body expends energy or burns off calories during the digestion process. High protein intake may boost your metabolism significantly, helping you burn more calories throughout the day.

Mistake #3 – Fat-Free Diet

Fat does not make you fat! Natural fats (butter, coconut oil, cream, egg yolks, lard, avocado, nuts, etc.) have been used for thousands of years with no “fattening” effect. Remember, when you choose fat-free, you naturally choose higher sugar, higher carb, and low protein foods, because protein in its natural state comes with a healthy dose of fat. Cutting out fat from your diet also robs you of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. These nutrients are found only in fat.

Mistake #4 – Drinking too Much Water

Drink when you are thirsty and remember water comes from many different sources and foods you consume during the day. Just because someone said we need to dring this or that number of water glasses per day doesn’t mean your body requires that much.

Mistake #5 – Exercising too Much on a Calorie Deficit

Overexercising while on calorie deficit (especially if your diet is poor in nutrients) is a sure way to send your body running for safety by slowing down your metabolism. When you do not have enough calories coming in, your body saves energy by reducing your body temperature (slowing your metabolism), turning down your digestive juices (making your digestion weaker), reducing your pulse, and slowing your thyroid function (resulting in less energy). So while you are doing a caloric deficit to lose weight don’t overdo it with exercise.

Mistake #6 – Depriving Your Body

By depriving yourself you are looking at a very dissatisfying diet that you most likely won’t stick with long term. Moderation, portion control and planning your macros wisely allows you to still enjoy your favorite foods without sabotaging your weight loss.


Be patient with your body treat it well, fuel it right, listen to your cravings, and don’t put unneeded stress on it. Just like you didn’t gain weight overnight, don’t expect to lose it overnight either.