When it comes to meal prep, it is all about the planning. It doesn’t have to take over your entire weekend. In reality, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours if you plan it right.

Meal Prepping Ideas and Tips

  • Make a plan and stick to it.
  • Start by making a weekly menu. Find different recipes that are easy to make and that can work for different dishes and meals during the day.
  • After your menu is set, make a shopping list.
  • You don’t have to meal prep every meal of every day. If you are busy in the mornings and around dinner time, focus on prepping for breakfast and dinner only.
  • Don’t do it all in one day. For instance, work on your menu and shopping list on Friday, do your grocery shopping on Saturday (or have it delivered, many stores nowadays offer delivery or pick up options), and prep your food on Sundays.
  • Make meal prep fun. Don’t try extreme new recipes that look too complicated. Keep it simple and use recipes you know your entire family enjoys.
  • Stick to basics: one or two protein choices (chicken breast, pulled beef), one or two carb choices (rice, potatoes), one or two veggie choices (steamed broccoli, oven-roasted veggies), egg cups with different mixins (meat, veggies, herbs).
  • The slow cooker is your best friend for making large quantities of your favorite foods (pulled beef, pulled chicken, chili…).
  • Play with spices and different marinades to make your dinner vary each day.
  • Prep fresh veggies and fruits by washing, cutting and storing them in your fridge for easy snack options or to add to your meals. Grab a few pouches of tuna for easy salad toppings for your lunch.


The key to meal prep is to be flexible. Your goal is to make it work for you and your schedule. If you start simple with what works for you and your family, you are guaranteed to be successful.