What is your favorite breakfast food?

For most people the answer is pancakes. And we’re no different. Nothing says “weekend” like a big batch of delicious pancakes. Ok, ok waffles are a close second and we wouldn’t say no to muffins either, or a hot bowl of oats… It’s safe to say we love breakfast and this list could go on forever.

We make pancakes and waffles from scratch 90% of the time. But for those busy mornings or when we want to spend the least amount of time in the kitchen and be on our way doing more important things we opt for Kodiak Cakes.

Why Kodiak Cakes?

They come in a variety of flavors so there is something for everyone (buttermilk, cinnamon oat, dark chocolate, almond poppy seed, chocolate chip, strawberry chocolate chip, peanut butter, buttermilk chia, pumpkin flax, whole wheat oat honey, buttermilk honey, rocky mountain oat).

All you need to make them is add water.

They are made with whole-grain ingredients, protein-packed and GMO-free.

You can increase the protein by adding milk instead of water and eggs.

Our current favorite flapjack and waffle mixes are buttermilk, dark chocolate, and chocolate chip.

The pancakes on the picture above are made with the buttermilk mix and topped with fresh blueberries, raw walnuts, and maple syrup.

And these amazing waffles were made using their dark chocolate mix.

There are recipes on the box, plus a wide selection of recipes on their website.

We made these banana chocolate chip muffins using their chocolate chip flapjack and waffle mix and a recipe on the box.

Flapjack and waffle mixes are not the only ones. They also offer baking mixes like muffin mix with plenty of flavors (blueberry lemon, blueberry, chocolate chip, double dark chocolate), brownie mix (chocolate fudge, triple chocolate, double chocolate, chocolate chip blondie), cookie mix (oatmeal dark chocolate), cornbread mix (homestead style), all-purpose baking mix, and oatmeal packs (chocolate chip, cinnamon, maple and brown sugar).

Another great product they offer is Kodiak Cups that all you need to do is add water and microwave. The cups offer a variety of flapjack, muffin, brownie, cornbread and oatmeal mixes and a great selection in flavors as well.

Still looking for more time-saving breakfast options? Kodiak offers the already made toaster pancakes and waffles that all you need to do is toast and enjoy.

Need something to sweeten the goodness add one of Kodiak fruit syrups that come in three different flavors (raspberry, mountain berry, apricot).

Craving a snack while watching tv or on the go opt for one of their graham crackers (honey, chocolate, or cinnamon).


At the moment Kodiak Cakes offer the best selection of breakfast foods on the market and we would highly recommend them for the great flavor, ease of preparation and nutrition profile.

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