The first benefit of meal prep is probably the most important, always having something ready to eat. Even if you enjoy cooking daily, sometimes you just can’t. Life gets busy, you may be running late, too many after school activities for the kids, appointments, last-minute schedule changes, you are feeling too tired, or you or someone else in your home is not feeling well. In any of those situations, meal prep comes in as a lifesaver.

When any of the above situations occur, having meals ready in the fridge that you can heat up in less than five minutes and serve it is much better than settling for something unhealthy or skipping a meal all together.

You will also save money on food. Instead of purchasing foods you “may” prepare this week and later proceeding on throwing them out because you didn’t get a chance or forgot to make them. Having meals ready also cuts down on the restaurant and take out costs.

You control what food to cook. If you are following any specific lifestyle, you are in control of what foods you eat and by having your meals ready you are less likely to give in to temptations and stray from your plan.


By investing a little time into your meal prep you can save money, time and stick to your nutritional needs without worrying about what to eat each day.